FM/ME/CFS & Carer's Support Group   West Wales

About us

Welcome! Our Support Group is based in Milford Haven. We meet every month and have speakers, activities, social events and just a relaxing time sharing tips and information to make living with FM/ME/CFS just that little bit easier.


We also live in Milford Haven which, is medicinal in itself, due to the beautiful scenery and walks in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park  for the disabled person/s, which you can find here: - select the enjoying tab - then countryside access and this will bring up the information you will need. You can print off the the routes or you can visit the information centre at the Library and buy a book from them.


I am a sufferer and was told I had Fibro in 2010 by my GP but formerly diagnosed by a Rheumatologist in 2013 and Gary is my full-time carer.


Our aim is to support sufferers, their carers and/or family and friends. For friendships to be form that last a lifetime.We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience with us.



Do you....

suffer from fatigue, difficulty sleeping, pain, headaches, restless leg syndrome, IBS, short-term memory problems and numerous other issues?


Do you find it very hard to get going? Muscle stiffness in the morning or you just find it increasingly difficult to do anything?


Frustrated, annoyed, depressed or feeling low? Do you think you're alone in this? Loss of friends and a poor social life? 


Feel like no one is listening or don't understand?


Well we do!!!



A summary of what Support we offer:

  • Online Support for everyone via our Facebook account at this address:
  • Support group meetings.
  • Social group meetings.
  • Telephone support.
  • Carers social and support meetings.

Successful Funding received from:

We would like to thank the following Companies who have helped to make our group a success.

Milford Haven Port Authority


Kindly gave us a grant for a printer. Many thanks to Martin Westby at UK Fibromyalgia.


Working with FMA UK, registered charity number 1042582




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